Merchant of Record

Expanding into new global markets comes with huge financial complexities. Brand Access handles tax, privacy, and regulatory compliance, as well as payment processing, accounting, and fraud protection to ensure secure transactions.

As your Merchant of Record (MOR), we’re the legal entity authorized by a financial institution to process each customer’s credit card, debit card, or any alternative payment transaction.

Brand Access also has the capability to handle local taxes (VAT, GST, service tax, etc.) in over 50 countries—including collecting, accounting for, and remitting taxes taxes to the local authorities.

Your customers continue to relate to your company as their source of products and services, while we work behind the scenes to facilitate your payment processing, compliance, and end-to-end taxes. Using Brand Access as your MOR means you take advantage of cross-border growth opportunities while leaving local law and regulation compliance, payment administration, and processing to us.

Merchant of Record Services | Payment Processing Solutions


Local payment processing and ewallets in each territory

Branch offices in the US, EU, UK, and AU to facilitate merchant accounts, tax registration and remittance, legal compliance, and more

Collect and remit VAT and GST Taxes

Submit monthly/quarterly financial statements to EU, UK and AU tax authorities

Ongoing GDPR & Privacy Compliance

Importing goods to local markets

Financial responsibility for orders

Contractual relationship/responsibility with Klarna, Shopify Payments (Stripe), PayPal, and others

Monitoring the sales tax thresholds in the jurisdictions where sales tax is introduced; applying for sales tax registration once the threshold is reached; applying for sales tax registration in jurisdictions where there is no threshold

Appointing tax agents and representatives in jurisdictions that require one

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Registration and Compliance